Talent & Crew Resume














The Keynote                                              PA/Still Photographer                         Sanity Films

No Harm Done                                         PA                                                           Jason Bradford Films

Pretty                                                         PA/Script Supervisor                           RnD Entertainment Studios  

Timekeeper                                               PA/Boom Operator                             Yitibit Films

A Piece of My Heart Music Video           PA/Still Photographer                         Dreams on Screen

Star Wars: Heroes Adrift(Fan Film)        PA/Fight Supervisor/Voiceover         Motions Film & Video                           

Dying to be Heard                                    PA/Voiceover                                        Tender Shoot Productions





Sheena, Queen of the Jungle                   Stand-in                                                  Corsica Productions

Fighting Chance Combat Systems          Stunt Performer                                     Jeff Maldovon

True Sleeper                                               Principal                                                  Reliant

Dream Diamonds                                      Mall Shopper                                         Parallax Productions

Portraits of Christ                                      Featured Extra                                       Sola Scriptura

Last Call (music video)                              Bar Patron                                              Orlando, FL

Matrix Direct/Protective Life                   Featured Extra                                       Lopes Productions



Three Laws                                                Stunt Performer                                   AspectRatio235 Productions

Dark Rose: A Night Out                           Stunts/Principal                                    Hocus Focus Productions

Nightveil                                                    Swamp Girl                                            AC Comics

S.W.A.T. (independent)                           Stunt Performer                                   Skytrain Pictures

Gifted                                                         Theater Patron                                     Dream Machine Ent.

Blindspot                                                   Joy                                                           Map Entertainment




Lagoon Poolside Show                          Game Show Host                                 Nickelodeon Family Suites

Cruise Director’s Staff                            Game Show Host/MC                         Royal Caribbean/Princess Cruises

Mickey's Backyard BBQ                         Line Dance Instructor                         Walt Disney World

ESPN Wide World of Sports                  Sports Host                                           Walt Disney  World

Port & Shopping Show                          Shopping Host                                      Various Cruise lines

Vegas in O’ Town                                    Improv Performer                               Paje Entertainment

Speakeasy Comedy Club                      Improv Performer                                Sanford, FL

Crystal Reel Awards                               Stunt Performer                                   Dream Launcher Studios

Dr. Phillips H.S. Stunt Demo.               Stunt Performer                                   Orlando, FL

Nickelodeon                                           Game Lab Assistant                             Universal Studios

Halloween Horror Nights                     Chainsaw Team                                    Universal Studios

X-Men Parade                                        Rogue                                                     Universal Studios

New Year’s Eve Celebration                Stiltwalker/Party Motivator                 Universal Studios

Macy’s Day Parade                              Various Characters                                Universal Studios