You've Got 5 Days & 5 Ways to end 2017 Right!

You’ve got 5 days to finish whatever it is that may be hanging over your head. I was in my bedroom and I saw a pile of mail that needed to be either filed or shredded. I got mad and said to myself, I am NOT bringing that mess into the new year! I will start off 2018 fresh and organized and free of clutter!!! That led me into this rant to share with you via blog post/podcast. (you can find my podcast on the Anchor app as Your Gig Girl. )

What kind of clutter do you need to let go of, take care of before the new year? Clutter in your relationships? A cluttered closet? A cluttered desk at work or home? Clutter in your health? Clutter in your finances?

Five days to complete whatever it is that you have been pushing off. I even challenge you to stay home on new years eve to complete this task that has been hindering you from success. Whether it’s success in your finances, your relationships, your health, your organization, your career, lets do a challenge together, lets make a commitment! Lets have a virtual Finishing party, a Facebook Live Finishing video!

Shred and file those papers that are cluttering up your office. Write a forgiveness letter to someone who hurt you and cut it up. Throw out that bottle of alcohol or carton of cigarettes! Uninstall that social media app that is costing you valuable time. Cut the cable!!!!!!! You would be amazed what you can get accomplished by not watching TV. Make that phone call. (I don’t recommend making that phone call on Facebook live though although it would be interesting, you may be filming your own reality show at that point).

What is it that you don’t want to drag into 2018? What do you need to finish so you can fulfill God’s purpose in your life? What has been on your shoulders, on your mind that you have wanted to accomplish but have been procrastinating? How about your Relationships? Do you have unforgiveness towards someone that has lied to you, has hurt you, has played mind games with you?

Make that dreaded doctor appointment, do not procrastinate any longer with your health.

You’ve got Five days to figure it out. Five days to figure out what you can let go of so you can move to the next level in your relationships, your finances, your career, your health.

You have 5 days and 5 Ways:

Finish, To Forgive & Forget, Be Freed, Be Fearless and Focus!


Maybe there is someone at work you need to apologize to or make amends with. Start out the new year fresh!!!! You have 5 days to approach that person or make that phone call.

Forgive yourself for downfalls, for things you did not get accomplished this year. That’s ok, we have 5 days to squeeze it in. Forgive and forget, don’t keep bringing up the past, don’t focus on your failures in the past.

You want to start out the new year Fresh and Whole!


Perhaps because you have not forgiven yourself or forgiven someone close to you, you turn to another outlet to distract you. You are having fear of failure so you turn to other ways to keep busy in your life. Maybe you turn to television or social media to escape your own life. Perhaps watching unrealistic, scripted television shows gives you a sense of false reality and you turn to an addiction to make you feel better. Don’t let social media fool you. Most of us only post the awesome things happening in our lives but that doesn’t mean we don’t have challenges as well. Make a commitment in the next 5 days to FINISH watching that episode on TV and start working on your own life! Stop cheering for others on TV and sports, when you can use that time to work on yourself and cheer for your own success in your business, family, relationships, finance, and health.

Finish paying off that credit card bill, pay off that final medical bill. Are you still claiming to be the victim and feeling sorry for yourself? Is that pity party stopping you from moving forward in your life?

Be freed from that stronghold!

You have 5 days to release that addiction!!!! You think you are finding peace and relaxation in that alcohol, drugs, food, medication, gambling, shopping, sex, or toxic relationship. Find other ways to relax, you must first admit you have a problem or addiction. When you return home from work, don’t turn to that cigarette, don’t pour yourself that glass of vodka. Find what you enjoy doing and do it!!! What is your favorite past time? Your hobby? A sport, creative outlet like scrapbooking, painting, woodworking, join a meetup group to join others to enjoy your passion. Make time, find the time, even if it’s just 15 minutes in your day, 3x a day to help you manage stress. Listen to a meditative podcast or inspirational audio program. Pop in a DVD in your home or watch a You Tube video during your lunch break and do a workout to relieve that stress. Find a fitness app on your smartphone to help keep you motivated and accountable. Here's a free trial you can try with the fitness guru herself

Release those thoughts of failure. Once you have carved out more time by watching less tv and social media, you will then find time to enjoy your hobbies, your side hustle. Once you forgive yourself for being a slacker in 2017, once you forgive others, you can now move on and start fresh and be fearless!

Be Fearless!

I have dreams and goals that I have not achieved due to fear of failure. Or are you fearful of success? If you have more success that might mean more work! Let go of that fear of failure. Don’t be afraid to expand, to hire a team to help you. I have been talking about starting a podcast for over one year. I even started and interviewed 2 people and never did anything with it. I recently saw a friend use a simple software for podcasting, so I checked it out. (Podcast coming later today, this blog in audio form.) My problem with the other way of podcasting is that I had to set up all my recording equipment, thought I had to have a perfectly edited podcast so just the thought of doing it all and having it take up so much time and effort thwarted me from producing a podcast. It seemed like such a daunting task so I did not continue it. Over the last year I have learned to let go of that perfectionism. And not just in that area but other areas in my life as well. In personal relationships and work relationships. Perfectionism, that’s a whole separate topic for a podcast/blog.

We’ve got 5 more days to be fearless and accomplish something important to us.

Don’t you think it’s funny before you go on vacation you get so much done because you know you have to! I get more done in one day than all week when I’m pressed for time.

What I like about 2018 is it starts on a Monday. You know how people say, next week, (meaning on a Monday), I will start my new diet, next week I will go to the gym….I always laugh and say why next week? Why not NOW? If you need some inspiration and tips on carving out more time for the things that are important to you, be sure you check out my latest audio coaching program, The Power of 40, The 40 Minutes a Day, 40 Day Challenge.


Once you have let go of addictions, made more time in your life by cutting out bad habits, you can now have more time to focus on what you want to accomplish for the new year. Take a few minutes a day to plan your day. In fact, they say it’s better to plan your day the night before so you will be excited to wake up and get started. Remove any distractions. Mute those notifications on your smart phone and computer. Set aside a focus hour so your family knows not to interrupt you during that precious time. Focus on the project at hand, don’t try to multi task. Focus on goals you want to achieve weekly, monthly, and yearly! During that hour you can not only plan, but meditate/visualize what you want. Create and speak out loud affirmations. Don’t underestimate the power of affirmations and professing scriptures aloud.

Anything else you need to finish for 2017? Organizing that closet? Yardwork? A project in the house?

Feel free to comment and share with us what you plan to finish in the next 5 days so you can start fresh in 2018!

Go NOW and start what you need to finish!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you at the first of the year

#PersonalDevelopment #Forgiveness #Organizing

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