Six Bags & A Suitcase...and Leopard Print Boots!

It’s that time of year again, Spring time! Which means spring cleaning for some of us. It was that time of year to do a deep clean! I’m excited I was able to let go of A LOT of stuff! Six bags and a suitcase just dropped off to the Goodwill plus a few bags of trash and couple bags of clothes and “stuff” given to my friend…and I’m not done yet! I must say it feels great to get rid of those items, I really didn’t need to keep that cheerleading skirt from high school, “just in case I dress up like a cheerleader for Halloween.” Like I would still fit into it anyway, LOL! By the way, my cute Leopard print boots that I have only worn maybe twice are for sale, but don’t you dare think for a minute I’m giving up my nunchucks! (That I just found and forgot about!)

The hardest part is yet to come….going through paperwork, books, and binders. Because I am huge into personal development, I love my books, education, training, so tossing those workbooks from my conferences and workshops is going to be the toughest thing for me to do. I am procrastinating now as I write this blog, because I’m not looking forward to that cleanse!

All I can say is Thank God for the digital age because otherwise I would have a zillion photo albums. Right now I may only have about 6 photo albums and 5 scrapbooks. Luckily my scrapbooking craze phase is over, I just released a few papers, scraps, items that I had collected in 2006 that I was going to scrapbook but never got around to it! I managed to collect some cool stuff from my first trip to New York City over Christmas that I need to scrapbook or put in a Shadow Box so help me keep accountable to do that sooner than later!!! (ok, I guess I still have the scrapbooking bug.)

Offer Up, Decluttr, and E-bay are great sites to use to sell items that you think you can get money for. I put a few things on Offer Up, we’ll see how that works out. Has anyone used these sites before and did you have good luck selling your items? I was considering opening an ebay account but not sure if it’s worth my time. Offer Up was simple to use.

For more spring cleaning tips on renewing not just your home but also for yourself, check out my other blog post, Confession Time, SpringCleaningTime.

What’s the hardest thing for you to give away? Clothes, tools, books, cd’s, movies, photos, keepsakes??? Thanks for reading, be sure to comment below.

For Tips on Organization in your home, go to my blog post, Get Organized for the New Year.

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