Lessons from the Elliptical

It’s summertime, time to get serious in the gym, so I set a goal to exercise for a minimum of 40 minutes, 3-5 days a week. My favorite two machines when I hit the gym are the Elliptical and the Stairstepper. Apparently I felt inspired this one evening at the gym as I thought up this blog and jotted down a few notes in my notebook as I was exercising. (I could barely read my handwriting.)

I love that these exercise machines have so many options! Check out all the buttons they have on the Elliptical machine as I compare them to our everyday existence. I have asked a few questions in this blog, please feel free to respond in the comment section.

Quick Start- Some days you may not have time to go through your entire morning routine. Do you have a shortened version already outlined? What helps you get a running start in your work day? Do you have systems in place to help you get a quick start on your daily routine/work day? Please share in comments below.

Zone training- What part of the day are you at your sharpest? Mornings? Evenings? It’s important to keep on schedule but I have a question for the readers out there, I want to know your opinion….When you get in the zone do you stay there or do you move on to another task because your allotted time for that one specific project is up?

Hill Plus- Are you able to choose yourself to click that button to make things slightly harder for yourself so you can only get better, not just in fitness but in all areas of your life? Do you set goals on purpose that might seem like a steep hill to get over but you know you will benefit in the end? For example, if you want to dedicate more time to getting in shape, but not sure if you can push yourself to stick with an exercise program, sign up for a fun race like The Color Run. This will help you keep your eye on the prize, knowing you just paid and committed to this event so you want to perform well. When you have something to work for, a specific goal/event/reward, you will be more likely to follow through with your plan of action.

Personal Trainer- Do you have mentors to challenge you so you don’t plateau? Do you have activities/conferences/books that you attend/read to help you get to the next level? I recommend speaking with a business coach for your business, a fitness trainer for your health, or a counselor/pastor for your relationships if you are having difficulties in these areas.

Once you select your method of training on this Elliptical, it will ask you what your weight is and goal time is. In life, you have to write down your goals, and you must be specific so you have a way to measure your success at the end of your project/time allowed. At the end of your workout, the handy dandy electronic display will list the stats of your workout, like how far you went, calories burned, how many stairs you climbed (if you are on the stairstepper) and your average pace. That’s why it’s important to document along the way, set goals, and have a mentor to help you with the evaluation process once your goal has been reached.

Of course this machine has other buttons/options like pause, resume workout. You can increase and decrease the resistance as needed. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just press a button to decrease or pause our situations/activities/stress in life. Or an increase button in our business and bank account, if only it was that easy!

For now, enjoy your workout on these intellectual and helpful machines. If you would like more inspiration/guidance and helpful tips in the areas of fitness, relationships, new business ideas, be sure to check out my latest audio coaching program, The Power of 40, the 40 Minutes a Day, 40 Day Challenge.

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