Confession time, Spring Cleaning Time

A few weeks ago I had to unpack from my 10 day business trip. I had acquired a few new pieces of clothing just prior to this trip. It was now time to try to put all my clothes back where they belong, in an organized fashion. Even though I have a decent sized walk in closet, it is getting full rather quickly. It was time to clean the closet!!! You all know what I’m talking about! There’s a point where you can’t take it anymore….I was almost at that point and now seemed like a better time than any to clean! I knew there were clothes in there that I have not worn for over 2 years. It was time to say goodbye. I had to come to the realization I was not going to wear them and I have enough cute clothes that fit me right, that look good on me- that I don’t need to keep the older, tighter clothes or the baggier, looser clothes that were donated to me. I needed to make room for the fresh, new clothes I had recently bought.

It felt amazing getting rid of the old and organizing my closet in a way that was more efficient. It felt good to not be weighed down and influenced by the “possibility” of wearing those old dresses and blouses.

That’s right, I was able to transform my closet and refresh my mind, once I got all the clutter out. It wasn’t only clothes that I threw out. A few other things I tossed that were not necessary to keep.

What do you need to throw out in your life, what do you need to give away? What activities do you need to surrender so you can make room for the new? What bad habits or perhaps bad influences do you need to sweep out and wash away? Are there any bad habits of friends, family, colleagues that influence use to do things you would not normally do?

Who or what jobs do you need to surrender if they are not bringing out the best in you? Do you feel renewed or just used and abused when around certain people in your life???

I threw out clothes that either did not fit or simply no longer matched my style and I thought I could bless someone else with these clothes by donating them. Who does not fit into your lifestyle anymore? Who or what is taking up space in your life, making your mind feel cluttered?

Get rid of your old “wineskin” that is over stretched and brittle and make room for the new!

Once you have cleaned out your closet, your mind, your schedule, it will then allow you more time to work on the priorities in your life; your family, your health, your spirituality, and your career.

If you would like more assistance in working on those areas and having extra time in your day, be sure to get your hands on my new Personal Development Audio Program called “The Power of 40, the 40 minutes a day, 40 day challenge.”!online-store/xp6z1/

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