Pumpkin Spice Time- 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Life

Have you had enough of the Pumpkin Spice yet this season? Well, I am jumping on the Pumpkin Spice bandwagon myself. The year is coming to a close, how about putting some spice in your life, change up things a bit for the last few months of the year! Studies show when you learn a new skill, it makes changes in neural connections in your brain, this is called neuroplasticity. Is your day to day activities predictable and mundane? Have you accepted that as your reality? German-born Swiss poet, novelist, painter, Hermann Hesse said, “You are willing to die, you coward, but not to live.”

Pull out that Bucket list of yours and get started! Or, you can use this SPICE Guide to help you! Here are five different areas you can add some spice in your daily routine, try something new, something you have never done before or would like to do more often!

S - Spiritually

P - Physically

I - Intellectually

C – Caring for Others

E - Entertainment

Spiritually- Challenge yourself to attend your place of worship consistently, get involved and volunteer. Commit to reading a chapter a day in the Bible, memorize encouraging scriptures, and be a doer of the word, not just a hearer of the word! (I’m preaching to myself!) Spend more time outside to become more spiritually connected with The Creator! Enjoy the outdoors, leave the technology behind, be one with nature, soak in the sights and sounds around you. If you live in Florida, check out these incredible nature spots I added to my Bucket List for Outdoor Activities. https://www.pinterest.com/YourGigGirl/florida-nature-and-tourism/

Physically- Awaken yourself physically, get that adrenaline pumping with Skydiving. If you are not feeling quite that spicy, try parasailing, an obstacle course, go hiking, or visit your local rock climbing venue. Have you considered Martial Arts? It’s a perfect sport that involves strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, competition, and you can learn to defend yourself at the same time. If you already belong to a gym, try a new workout routine like interval training, circuit training, or an Aerobics class. Have you hit a plateau? Try downloading an app on your smart phone to keep you motivated and accountable. Such as an app from the famous fitness guru herself, Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.

Intellectually- Provoke yourself mentally, exercise your brain at your local Escape Room. For my Tampa Bay friends try http://tampabayescaperoom.com/ How about having fun with family and friends and play some challenging, strategic board games like Risk or one of my favorites, Sequence. Go to your local library and start reading in subjects you would like to know more about. Commit to learning a new language, use Rosetta Stone to get you started.

Caring for Others- Stir up the kindness in you and volunteer in your local community. Go to www.volunteermatch.org to see what area best fits you so you can use your talents to help others. Kids clubs, Animal Shelters, Literacy programs, Ministry; there is a huge need for volunteers in many areas. Find one and start today! Visit the elderly in nursing homes. Get your whole family involved and instead of having the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, volunteer to feed the homeless that day.

Leo Buscaglia said it best, “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

Entertainment- Are you getting enough leisure time or are you just working, eating, sleeping, then repeat? Be sure to schedule time for fun activities! Join a Meetup group to enjoy your favorite hobby at http://www.meetup.com/ Bring out your creative side and try activities like Painting with a Twist. Here is a great quote from Vincent Van Gogh, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” Of course you can apply that quote to anything in your life. Have you always wanted to try Ballroom Dancing? Dancing is therapeutic and also a fun workout! Go camping or take a short staycation at a resort you have always wanted to visit! For my Tampa Bay Sports lovers, have some fun at http://topgolf.com/us/tampa/.

One last spicy quote for you: “The credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena, who strive valiantly; who know the great enthusiasums, the great devotions, and spend themselves in a worthy cause; who at best know the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if they fail, fail while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” –Theodore Roosevelt

If you need some Spice added to your event this holiday season, contact Colleen, Emcee and Event Assistant, Your Gig Girl, (NOT to be confused with a Spice girl)! If you would like a “Pumpkin Spice” Voice-over, I can help you with that as well. Contact Colleen at YourGigGirl@gmail.com and visit www.YourGigGirl.com

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